Of Expanding Inclusivity and Business Model thru Bidding


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Of Expanding Inclusivity and Business Model thru Bidding

Postby ajsy0203 » Sat Feb 11, 2023 2:38 pm


It seemed these two issues were apparently received backlash against JKN and MUO. First they allowed married mothers & women, single mothers and pregnant women to compete at Miss Universe and their respective national pageant system which was heavily criticized by the majority of the pageant fans. Some netizens think that inclusivity went too far already but some of them said that it is good for diversity and they think that majority of the judges will pick single women over these type of women at the national pageants just what happened at Miss USA state pageants right now where state pageant winners were single.

Now a new issue involved about the proposed new business model in awarding the new license for Miss Universe 2023, as what I watched Adam Genato's opinion about the ongoing bidding war, JKN tried to be more transparent with the current license holder and make more money revenue by using the new business model thru bidding with potential new license owners but it came with a price when Puteri Indonesia was blindsided by JKN & MUO and awarded the franchise to Anne's friend Poppy Capella. After YPI's official statement was released, Anne answered back on this issue but the damage is done already especially lots of pageant fans criticized over the new process.

Let's see what will happen to these two issues that will lead to Miss Universe 2023 which will be held in El Salvador before the end of the year.

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PAGEANT SPECIALISTS are seasoned ANALYSTS of pageantry.
PAGEANT SPECIALISTS are seasoned ANALYSTS of pageantry.
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