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MISS SUOMI 2022 | SEP 17

Postby missfinlandia » Fri Aug 05, 2022 5:22 am


The following 10 girls will compete for the title of Miss Suomi 2022. The winner will be crowned on September 17th and she will go to Miss Universe 2022. The runner ups usually go to Miss World and Miss International, sometimes they might send someone else.

1. Adelaide Botty van den Bruele, 26 yrs old from Sonkajärvi

2. Sheila da Costa, 27 yrs old from Tampere

3. Iida Hynnilä, 26 yrs old from Tampere

4. Oona Komi, 23 yrs old from Vantaa

5. Nana Partanen, 23 yrs old from Helsinki

6. Henniina Määttä, 20 yrs old from Oulu

7. Emilia Vuopala, 23 yrs old from Kirkkonummi

8. Melike Karakaya, 26 yrs old from Vantaa

9. Sandra Fernandes, 23 yrs old from Helsinki

10. Petra Hämäläinen, 26 yrs old from Savonlinna

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AMBASSADORS represent their country.
AMBASSADORS represent their country.
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