Miss Venezuela 2022 is Diana Silva


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Miss Venezuela 2022 is Diana Silva

Postby Orakulo » Thu Nov 17, 2022 4:39 am


Miss Earth 2018 alumnus Diana Silva, representing Distrito Capital, was crowned Miss Venezuela 2022. Diana was a favorite to win Miss Earth 2018 but she only manages to finish in the top 8. It was reported that she was supposed to be part of the top 4 but she, unfortunately, passed out in the backstage minutes before announcing the 4 finalist due to exhaustion. There were also unconfirmed report that her spot was given to Nguyễn Phương Khánh who eventually wins the title giving Vietnam it's first and "only" BIG FOUR crown.

Meanwhile, Andrea Rubio of Portuguesa, was also crowned Miss International Venezuela 2023 in the same event.

Complete list of the winners:

Miss Venezuela 2022: DISTRITO CAPITAL – Diana Silva
Miss Venezuela International 2022: PORTUGUESA – Andrea Rubio

1st Runner-Up: DELTA AMACURO – Daniela Malavé
2nd Runner-Up: LA GUAIRA – Andrea Romero
3rd Runner-Up: AMAZONAS – Katheryne Bello

Top 10
6. ANZOÁTEGUI – Mariángel Tovar
7. BOLÍVAR – Ana Elena Erazo
8. CARABOBO – Lorena Bodenski
9. MÉRIDA – Litzy González
10. NUEVA ESPARTA – Sharon Frontado

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Dark green members are SEMI-ACTIVE posters.
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Re: Miss Venezuela 2022 is Diana Silva

Postby LonFlores » Thu Nov 17, 2022 12:29 pm

The rumors were not true. If you really researched, you should not have included those rumors here. Kaloka. Tumaas lang ang engagement, sisiraan pa ang lovely and charismatic Ponkan.
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Dark green members are SEMI-ACTIVE posters.
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