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After nearly one month of Miss Eco International, it is almost show time and we have finally compiled Missosology's final hot picks for the crown. Egypt is all set to host a night of stars and glamour in search of the most beautiful woman in the world. The Top 20 finalists will be judged in three categories: swimsuit, evening gown, and interview during the live broadcast. Also, the winners for the sub-contests as decided by the preliminary judges and online votes, will be announced. The internet is buzzing with predictions, discussions, rantings and ravings about who the next winner will be with over 50+ women hoping to seize the crown from the outgoing Eco-Queen, Amber Bernachi of Canada. This year's contestants span a wide range of experiences and aspirations. Anything can happen tonight!

1 - Peru: Like every other pageant observer, we think she is the girl to beat. Technically, the most perfect delegate in the competition, she is simply stunning to look at. She just has the face to be discovered, she just plays it very real and relies on her looks to stun you, and guess what, SHE DOES! Wow! And can we say WOW again. She would make an awesome brand ambassador of Miss Eco International. We've seen the beauties of Peru get crowned in other international pageants. They haven't made it to this pageant since its inception and it's about time. Kelin is sooooo it! There is no one at the pageant who comes close to her in terms of overall packaging, facial beauty and figure. There are few times when a delegate like her comes along who is so amazingly beautiful that everyone else pales in comparison.

2 - Philippines: This one left no stones unturned as witnessed by her placing in all subsidiary contests period - and being the only contestant in the pageant to achieve such feat. She is so close to taking the crown with her star quality. Thia is well-spoken, well put-together and gorgeous enough to sweep the competition. A vintage beauty, she naturally exudes undeniable charm all the time.

3 - Venezuela: She has the latin oomph and is extremely likeable and down to earth. Her interview is top-notch, her body is great, and her experience in this arena is coming out of her pores. She's ready, she knows how to play the cards and she's truly the one to watch! And she is from Venezuela - she will totally bring it during the finale. Leix will be fierce and a force to reckon with.

4 - Nigeria: Probably one of the stunning black delegates of all times. This girl is extremely personable and very likeable. With her exotic, sultry, different and interesting looks that easily make her stand out - she could go far in the competition.

5 - Mexico: This country is sending formidable contenders in the pageant ever since with Veronica Salas last year who placed in the semifinals and eventually won the Miss Intercontinental pageant few months ago. This time they also sent a top notch beauty! Don't overlook Mara, a legitimate Top 5 contender on looks alone. She's faltered a bit in the middle of the competition, but we can still see her going for it and giving it her best. She's got the goods. When she is on the stage, she owns it- but with a natural, demure, commanding quality rather than a rehearsed, aggressive or demanding one.

6 - Brazil: She is the blonde bombshell of the pageant. Totally hot and sexy yet classy that makes her the one to beat. All around fabulous woman, we just hope that tiredness and fatigue won't kick in any further and kill off her sparkle before the finale. We're confident of her making it far.

7 - Egypt: What an excellent host delegate! She has lots of personality and is making everything right so far. We honestly think Hadeer is the most polished and the most prepared Egyptian representative in any pageant. She also deserves to make it all the way to the top sans the fact that MEO is based in Egypt.

8 - Vietnam: Have we got ourselves a new powerhouse? If she makes the cut, we might want to investigate where Vietnam is getting these girls. The Vietnamese beauties are always well prepared so we think she will do well. The question is does she have the same spark and charisma that propelled her predecessors to within a whisper of the crown? Thư Dung has proven that she is not there just for the trip. She has a desire of leaving her mark on the pageant.

9 - Ecuador: Also a contender to watch, she's got the best one two punch in pageantry. We call it subtle sexy. She's wholesome, demure, and refined yet has such a subtle air of sexiness and sultriness that's just there and she never has to turn it ON like some others.

10 - Costa Rica: She is beautiful, smart, looks vivacious and has a very endearing warmth about her. She is one of the strongest Miss Costa Rica in many years and looks excellent in swimsuit. Glennys is a lock for the semifinals and could even very well win this whole thing.

11 - Portugal: Yes - yes - yes - a ravishing Portuguese girl and a beauty of one at that! We can see her being a standout in swimsuit with her curvy-yet-sexy body and solid stage presence. Priscila certainly knows how to lit up the stage.

12 - Bashkiria: Well, she tends to drive everyone crazy - the best eyes around. Her sultry, exotic, woman of mystery allure may be just what the judges ordered

13 - Poland: Extremely pretty girl with a huge likeability factor. She's facially appealing, soft spoken and sweet. Karina seems sure of herself but not cocky at all. If there's one complete packaged beauty this year that we fell in love with since her pre-arrival - it's definitely her.

14 - Bulgaria: This is Bulgaria's best delegate in a long time. We really adore this raw Eurasian beauty. A breath of fresh air in a sea of pageant patties, her swimsuit presentation really blew us away.

15 - USA: Facially not the most attractive but she worked hard to get where she is and its shown. She's focused yet appears more personable in front of everyone. Jessica has really evolved throughout the competition - you gotta love her styling too!

16 - Japan: She is a doll, such a cute standout face. This girl just keeps on surprising and if she doesn't make the cut, there's something wrong.

17 - Uruguay: Possibly could be the darkhorse this year for the crown. She is all-natural and always looks comfortable with herself.

18 - Ghana: This girl has the potential to make the cut. She has the face that the judges could just fall for from the get-go. She's seems like a spunky free spirit that goes along with everyone.

19 - India: Making a slow progress, there's just an aura of royalty about her but she is still very likeable. Something good and old-fashioned about her that's rare in pageantry these days.

20 - Haiti: Her presentations were strong enough for a spot in the Top 20 to say the least. Her interview gave her that extra push. Her lovable personality appealed greatly to the judges.

Suriname, Malaysia, Colombia, South Africa, Indonesia

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