INTERVIEW With Ali Hammoud in Jakarta-INDONESIA


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INTERVIEW With Ali Hammoud in Jakarta-INDONESIA

Postby Prince Nino » Sun Jul 07, 2013 2:24 am


Exclusive Interview with Ali Hammoud

Courtessy : Indonesia Male Pageants (IMP)


Ali hammoud, born Ocotber 5th 1989 comes from a family that consists of the parents, and two younger brothers. He grew up in Beirut the capital of Lebanon, but he’s orginally from a small village in the south called Kfarmelki where he spent a lof ot time at a younger age, and still continue to visit whenever he can.

He is a renowned Lebanese celebrity model, fitness trainer and buisness entrepreneur. Known for his good figure, Ali deserves the title as an athlete that loves working out on a daily basis. He hits the gym, go for walks and at times you can find him running on the beach next to the occasional football match.

As a young child he grew up playing football with his friends and then later also for serious football teams for several years and was choosen to be a player at the Lebanese international football team. Among them the Rayan and Mbara Club between the years 2006-2009. Surely if he kept pursuing his football career he would have made it big, but ended it to focus on his studies which was more important to him.

Mr. Hammoud also started modeling at very young age, and it got more serious as the years went by. This has resulted in many successfull photoshoots and video clips with many known photographers, brands and singers.

Once Ali achieved his first global coverage Mr. Asia 2010, he shed light of concern on the cause of driving under the influence (DUI) and road traffic safety. Through his sucess, he has also shed light on the needs of orphans and help participate in the diseases prevention campaings around the world.

He brought back the awarness to his homeland via his partipation in Mr. Lebanon 2012. In parallel to to his international charity work and title holding triumphs, Ali a computer sience masters graduate and certified fitness trainer both a football player in an international Lebanese football team and successfully own a Web Development and Design Buisness

[justify]Who is your motivator that inspires you so that you are now either successful in the pageant and professional career?
Everybody, because everybody supports me, they said I deserve to be here and to be like I am right now that I am better than others but I said to them that I just want to do good things like I am doing right now. Everybody may makes mistakes includes me. So when they deserve more at me and I fail they will still support me you know be there for me. So, I am not afraid to fail at doing something.

We see on Mister International website about your past activity of being National football player and Mathematic teacher, please tell us about those experiences?.
I studied computer and science. And I teached math, physics, programming . It starts when I was younger and joined the national football team and I need money and I took a side job as a teacher in school or university.


Tell us about some cultural activities in your country! If we were visiting your country, where would you take us? And who has the greatest influencer in your country?
I have been in many countries, and I really realize that how special Lebanon is. It has forest, mountain, and many things. Religion and cultural diversity make Lebanon is a bit different with some countries in the world. Lebanon is a small country and the society is rich in term of religion. In order to the religion diversity that Lebanon has, makes that every people has different heroes as their inspiring person.

Sometimes we feel so bored in doing the healthy life style everyday. Do you have some advice for us to fight the fed up feeling? Please share to us.
Of course I feel bored but not all the time it’s just sometimes. Well, if u feel bored just go use your Saturday and Sunday to have fun so you will forget or just go eat but just be careful dont eat to much.

How is your response and what is your solution, when you are faced with a statement from some people who has an opinion that the big muscled is the result from the steroid?
I try neither to be too big nor to be too small. I think my shape now satisfied me. I am type of person who doesn’t really care for what people say. I know that I am doing the right thing. My parent told me to be this way. And about big muscled is too much. And the solution, you know yourself, you re trainee youre working out. If u re lifting too much, but u can lift more thats enough because when u lift more and trying hard thats getting u huge bigger .

Please tell us, how do you exercise in Ramadan day?
Well, it’s going to be so hard for me in Ramadan day because I need to fasting and also being a trainee at the same time. In ramadan we eat everything , But I still try to work out everyday. Most that I do is cardio to burn my fat from what I ate.

What is the most important part of pageantry? What makes you nervous and scared?
Well, it is not that I am a strong guy who won’t get scared but believe me I do feel scared. During the Mister International for two weeks I just make it like I was going for vacation so that I was not really that afraid. But I can tell you that I was on the stage and everybody was looking at you and that is kind of nervous moment of me. But when u feel that u r comfortable with the other so you are not going to be afraid. So, I just went this all the way.

What is the essence of winning the male pageant?
It’s about the person who can inspire others not only about body, handsome and appearance.

How is Rizal Idrus in your mind?
Rizal is my friend. He is really funny; he fits my mind because he is the same like me about healthy and lifestyle. We work together all the time. Even when we go train, he gave me some hands. It is kind of life sharing.


Please tell us the most interesting and unforgettable moment during your duty as a Mr. International?
There are lot of moments. The moment when im in Lebanon

Does the title causes some changes happen in your life? Can you mention the changes?
I must really work for inspiring others and caring for how I act with the people. Cause some of them treat me as their role model.

What is your expectation for Mister International 2013 in Indonesia?
I expect to be amazing. I heard that the event is so competitive and I am sure it will be much better now; especially L-Man is the company who held this event. I think it is going to be very good and.

How do you expect for the next guy who will get the 2013 Mr. International crown?
I expect he is not only just that handsome guy. I think it should be a personality that everybody wants to influence others. The same that maybe I do now.

As the 1st Moslem Mister International, what is your contribution for Islam so far?
In this kind of event, sometimes I face alcohol and it is hard to be strict on Islamic rule but I am still going to do that.

Thanks IMP [-O<

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Re: INTERVIEW With Ali Hammoud in Jakarta-INDONESIA

Postby ali2009 » Sun Jul 07, 2013 12:19 pm

both guys are hot, inteligent and have arab ancestry.
Rizal Al Idrus is GP / doctor while Ali Hammoud is an athlete and lecturer.
both also muslim men.

Rizal is a Sunni muslim while Ali is a Shia one. it is just like catholic and protestant. you wont put them together right? although it is similar :-)

but indeed who doesnt want to have 3sum with them? lol
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Re: INTERVIEW With Ali Hammoud in Jakarta-INDONESIA

Postby Adrian Klemann » Sun Jul 07, 2013 2:28 pm

so Ali is not just handsome but he is smart too, he is a math teacher in Lebanon wow.

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