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Throwback final questions at Miss Earth 2020?

PostPosted: Sun Oct 27, 2019 1:27 pm
by ajsy0203
At Miss Earth 2010, all the previous final questions were asked again at that time of the pageant. Now if they will use this format instead of traditional hashtags interpretation since 2016, which final questions will they use again?

2001: Technology makes life very convenient but it is also being blamed for certain environmental problems. How do you propose to find a balance between technology and Earth preservation?
2002: Which has more significance to your life right now, a sunrise or a sunset?
2003: At the end of each rainbow, so the saying goes, is a pot of gold. As a woman of the earth, instead of a pot of gold, what else would you rather find at the end of the rainbow?
2004: On a quiet night, you could hear the sounds of nature talking to you. What do you think is its message and what would you like to tell it back?
2005: If you are to save only one of the two elements of Mother Nature, water or air, which would you choose and why?
2006: What effort must the country's government exert to stop global warming (or other issues like climate change if they will rehashed this question)?
2007: How would you describe the beauty of Mother Earth to a blind child
2008: If you have the chance to speak to the (US leader) about the state of the global environment, what would you tell him?
2011: Why the candidates chose education as the environmental initiative that world leaders should prioritize?
2012: What would you consider as your defining moment as a woman?
2016: (The Paris Agreement on Climate Change is a historic international deal that seeks to limit Global Warming to below 1.5°C.) If you were elected as Miss Earth 2020, what would be your program to protect Mother Earth from Climate Change?
2017: Who or what do you think is the biggest enemy of Mother Earth and why?
2018: Being a millennial, what is the most pressing issue of your generation?
2019: There are many people, including some notable international leaders, who still don't believe in climate change. How would you convince them of the seriousness of this problem?

Re: Throwback final questions at Miss Earth 2020?

PostPosted: Sun Oct 27, 2019 5:13 pm
by Geeyourhair
Bilib lang talaga ako sa sipag mo Asj to compile the trivias about miss earth. Kahit naa annoy ako minsan sa katirbang tanong mo na walang katapusan, natutuwa naman ako dahil hinalungkat mo talaga ang history ng Miss Earth. At least may natutunan ako sayo at in fairness I had fun reading all these trivias. Ikaw na ang hostorian ng Miss Earth. Dapat pa-interview ka kay Boy Abunda or gawin kang consultant sa mga Miss Earth information.