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MQN 2016: Semifinals Mini Challenge #2 Answers

PostPosted: Sat Jul 30, 2016 12:09 pm
by ajsy0203
Here are the answers for the 2nd Mini Challenge.
I. Modified True or False: Write True if the statement is correct, if it is incorrect, change the underlined word or phrase to make the statement true. (10 points each)
1. Miss Teen USA 2009 was aired on UStream.
2. Shauna Gambill became the first Miss Teen USA winner to make it to the Final 3 at Miss USA.
Brandi Sherwood
3. The contestants from batch 2001 were the first batch to win more than 1 Miss USA titles.
2002 (Tara Conner and Rachel Smith)
4. Charlotte Lopez Ayanna was a foster child during her childhood days prior to her win at Miss Teen USA.
5. The songs from the Disney channel original movie Camp Rock was the musical theme for Miss Teen USA 2006.
High School Musical
6. Erin Nance became the first Miss Teen USA contestant to win Miss USA by outright.
Ali Landry
7. N’Sync performed at Miss Teen USA in 1998 & 1999.
8. Miss Teen USA 2016 will be held in Los Angeles.
Las Vegas
9. The top two at Miss Teen USA 1990 were from the Northwest Region.
True (Oregon won while Alaska finished 1st Runner Up)
10. Kansas was the only state that won both Miss USA & Miss Teen USA titles when they hosted the pageant.
True (Kelli McCarty won Miss USA 1991 and Keylee Sue Sanders won Miss Teen USA in 1995, both won in Wichita, Kansas)

II. In what year did these states finish in the Top 3 at Miss Teen USA? (15 points each)
1. Idaho, Kentucky, Vermont
2. Hawaii, Washington, Wyoming
3. Iowa, Kansas, Oklahoma
4. Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Texas
5. Nevada, South Carolina, Tennessee
6. Georgia, Missouri, New Hampshire
7. California, Louisiana, North Carolina
8. North Carolina, North Dakota, Montana
9. Connecticut, Michigan, West Virginia
10. Delaware, Louisiana, Maryland

In true beauty pageant tradition, the results of the 2nd mini challenge will not be revealed until the results night on Wednesday when we will combine the scores from the main challenge. Who will make it to the grand finals?

The main challenge will be held this Monday.

Re: MQN 2016: Semifinals Mini Challenge #2 Answers

PostPosted: Thu Jan 04, 2018 6:00 am
by JorgeInternational
Shauna Gambill