Fan Favorite Season 11: Qualifying Round (Top 127 revealed)

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Fan Favorite Season 11: Qualifying Round (Top 127 revealed)

Postby ajsy0203 » Thu Jan 19, 2023 1:09 pm



Voting Link:

Via QR Code:

The next phase of the voting begins as 127 beauties are vying for the 30-40 coveted spots in the Quarter-Finals. Which among the 127 beauties are your favorite? Their votes along with the votes from the "Superfans" that I sent them thru PM will determine which beauties will make it to the Quarter-finals.

Here are list of 127 beauties which their first names were arranged alphabetically and the country & pageant represented: (Note that Telma Madeira was not included in the list because she made it to the Final 3 at Fan Favorite Season 7)
FF001 Adinda Cresheilla (Indonesia Supranational)
FF002 Agata Wdowiak (Poland Supranational)
FF003 Alannah Larkin (Ireland Earth)
FF004 Alejandra Conde (Venezuela World)
FF005 Alessia Rovegno (Peru Universe)
FF006 Alexandrine Belle-Étoile (Mauritius Supranational)
FF007 Alicia Faubel (Spain Universe)
FF008 Alison Black (Philippines Supranational)
FF009 Almendra Castillo (Peru Supranational)
FF010 Amanda Dudamel (Venezuela Universe)
FF011 Ámar Pacheco (Ecuador World)
FF012 Amelia Tu (Canada Universe)
FF013 Amira Hidalgo (Argentina World)
FF014 Anabel Payano (Dominican Republic The Miss Globe)
FF015 Andra Tache (Romania Supranational)
FF016 Andrea Aguilera (Colombia Earth/World)
FF017 Andreína Martínez (Dominican Republic Universe)
FF018 Anežka Heralecká (Czech Republic Earth)
FF019 Anna Leitch (Northern Ireland World)
FF020 Anna Merimää (Finland International)
FF021 April Benayoum (France World)
FF022 Aryam Díaz (Puerto Rico World)
FF023 Ashley Cariño (Puerto Rico Universe)
FF024 Audrey Monkam (Cameroon World)
FF025 Le Nguyen Bao Ngoc (Vietnam Intercontinental)
FF026 Bethania Borba (Paraguay World)
FF027 Brielle Simmons (USA Earth)
FF028 Burte-Ujin Anu (Mongolia World)
FF029 Camelle Mercado (Philippines United Continents)
FF030 Carisa Peart (Jamaica Supranational)
FF031 Carol Drpic (Chile World)
FF032 Caroline Teixeira (Brazil World)
FF033 Celeste Cortesi (Philippines Universe)
FF034 Celinee Santos (Dominican Republic International)
FF035 Christin Coeppicus (Trinidad & Tobago Supranational)
FF036 Daphné Nivelles (Belgium Earth)
FF037 Diana Andimba (Namibia Earth)
FF038 Divita Rai (India Universe)
FF039 Emmy Peña (Dominican Republic World)
FF040 Esther Ajayi (Nigeria Earth)
FF041 Evanjelin Elchmanar (United Kingdom International)
FF042 Fuschia Anne Ravena (Philippines Intl. Queen 2022)
FF043 Gabriëla Dos Santos (Curacao Universe)
FF044 Gifty Boakye (Ghana Supranational)
FF045 Giovanna Reis (Brazil Supranational)
FF046 Hannah Arnold (Philippines International)
FF047 Hiwot Kassa (Ethiopia Earth)
FF048 Hugrún Birta Egilsdóttir (Iceland World)
FF049 Isabella Menin (Brazil G(rand) Intl.)
FF050 Ismelys Velásquez (Venezuela Supranational)
FF051 Israel Harrison (Jamaica International)
FF052 Jasmin Selberg (Germany International)
FF053 Jeanine Brandt (Trinidad & Tobago World)
FF054 Jenny Ramp (Philippines Earth)
FF055 Jéssica Pedroso (Brazil Earth)
FF056 Julianna Ro (Spain International)
FF057 Julita Kitwe (Namibia Supranational)
FF058 Karolina Bielawska (Poland World)
FF059 Karolina Vidales (Mexico World)
FF060 Karolína Kopíncová (Czech Republic World)
FF061 Kathleen Paton (Philippines Eco Intl.)
FF062 Khadija Omar (Somalia World)
FF063 Kim Nguyễn (Vietnam Supranational)
FF064 Kristýna Malířová (Czech Republic Supranational)
FF065 Kumiko Lau (Hong Kong Supranational)
FF066 Lalela Mswane (South Africa Supranational)
FF067 Lavanya Sivaji (Malaysia World)
FF068 Lea Prstec (Slovenia Earth)
FF069 Lili Tótpeti (Hungary World)
FF070 Liliya Levaya (Belarus Earth)
FF071 Lilly Sødal (Norway Earth)
FF072 Lydia Smit (New Zealand International)
FF073 Macarena Castillo (Bolivia Supranational)
FF074 Madison Kvaltin (Canada International)
FF075 Mahyla Roth (Costa Rica International)
FF076 Manasa Varanasi (India World)
FF077 Maria Rosado (Portugal Earth)
FF078 María Fernanda Aristizábal (Colombia Universe)
FF079 María Fernanda Milián (Guatemala Supranational)
FF080 Maya Albert (France International)
FF081 Melisha Lin (Malaysia Supranational)
FF082 Merel Hendriksen (Netherlands Earth)
FF083 Mideline Phelizor (Haiti Universe)
FF084 Mina Sue Choi (Korea Earth)
FF085 Monique Riley (Australia Universe)
FF086 Nadeen Ayoub (Palestine Earth)
FF087 Namrata Shrestha (Nepal World)
FF088 Natalia López (Colombia International)
FF089 Ndavi Nokeri (South Africa Universe)
FF090 Nellie Anjaratiana (Madagascar World)
FF091 Nene Bah (Guinea World)
FF092 Nguyễn Thị Ngọc Châu (Vietnam Universe)
FF093 Olivia Yacé (Cote d'Ivoire World)
FF094 Palesa Mofele (Botswana World)
FF095 Pamela Uba (Ireland World)
FF096 Paulina Avilés (Puerto Rico Earth)
FF097 Payengxa Lor (Laos Universe)
FF098 Praewwanich Ruangthong (Thailand Supranational)
FF099 Pricilia Carla Yules (Indonesia World)
FF100 R'Bonney Gabriel (USA Universe)
FF101 Rehema Muthamia (England World)
FF102 Ritika Khatnani (India Supranational)
FF103 Roleen Mose (Kenya Supranational)
FF104 Sadé Greenwood (Sri Lanka World)
FF105 Sakhile Dube (Zimbabwe Earth)
FF106 Savannah Delos Santos (Northern Marianas International)
FF107 Shane Tormes (Philippines Global)
FF108 Sharon Obara (Kenya World)
FF109 Sheridan Mortlock (Australia Earth)
FF110 Sheyla Ravelo (Cuba Earth)
FF111 Sheynnis Palacios (Nicaragua World)
FF112 Shree Saini (USA World)
FF113 Shudufhadzo Musida (South Africa World)
FF114 Sienna Evans (The Bahamas World)
FF115 Jiang Siqi (China World)
FF116 Stephany Amado (Cabo Verde International)
FF117 Suphatra Kliangprom (Thailand Tourism Intl.)
FF118 Svetlana Mamaeva (Canada World)
FF119 Tatiana Calmell (Peru International)
FF120 Đỗ Thị Hà (Vietnam World)
FF121 Thạch Thu Thảo (Vietnam Earth)
FF122 Tracy Perez (Philippines World)
FF123 Tya Jané Ramey (Trinidad & Tobago Universe)
FF124 Valentina Espinosa (Colombia Supranational)
FF125 Valentina Fluchaire (Mexico Intl. Queen 2020)
FF126 Valery Carabali (Ecuador Supranational)
FF127 Virginia Stablum (Italy Universe)

Vote now at:

Voting will end on January 22 at 8 PM Philippine Standard Time/7 PM US Eastern Standard Time
Vote Wisely!

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PAGEANT SPECIALISTS are seasoned ANALYSTS of pageantry.
PAGEANT SPECIALISTS are seasoned ANALYSTS of pageantry.
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