Overhyped v2022?: Manasa Varanasi & Nicolene Limsnukan

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Overhyped v2022?: Manasa Varanasi & Nicolene Limsnukan

Postby ajsy0203 » Sun Jul 31, 2022 3:01 am


Some of the netizens are hyping these beauties just because of a historic feat not based on their own merits:

1. Manasa Varanasi (70th MW-Top 13): When Harnaaz Sandhu won Miss Universe 2021, many people think that Manasa will win Miss World just because India was able to win Miss Universe and Miss World at the same time in 1994 and 2000. Then the people are started to over-hyped and pressured her to win 70th Miss World at all cost. Unfortunately her journey for India's 3rd historic double win ended when she missed out in the Top 6 & lost to Karolina Bielawska of Poland.

2. Nicolene Limsnukan (MUT 2022-1st Runner Up): When Nicolene applied to compete at MUT 2022, many people are linked to Catriona Gray and Andrea Meza's win at Miss Universe 2018 & Miss Universe 2020 respectively despite they previously finished in the Top 5 at Miss World. So they are hyping Nicolene that if she will win Miss Universe Thailand 2022, she might win Miss Universe 2022 just because she was Miss World 2018-1st Runner Up. Last night, she finished 1st Runner Up at Miss Universe Thailand 2022 and lost to Anna Sueangam-iam.

PAGEANT SPECIALISTS are seasoned ANALYSTS of pageantry.
PAGEANT SPECIALISTS are seasoned ANALYSTS of pageantry.
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