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Will Miss France Org. abolish nude rule 101st Anniversary?

PostPosted: Fri Dec 25, 2020 11:03 am
by ajsy0203
After the successful 100th Anniversary pageant of Miss France with high TV ratings and record breaking votes due to mandated curfew, there is still one thing need to settle the controversial outdated "Anti-Nude" Rule, that crushed some of the girls' dream of becoming Miss France. This edition three of the potential Miss France candidates (France-Comte, St. Martin & St. Barthelemy and Guadeloupe) were disqualified or dethroned because of posing nude or topless despite some of them claimed that is a work of art or breast cancer awareness.

This is a commentary from SashesandScripts:
Technically all three girls seem to have violated the Miss France rules. it is blatantly stated there “no nudity” whether partial or full, and even sexually suggestive poses are not allowed. It would be unfair for other candidates who abides by the Miss France rules to allow the three ladies to compete now.

However, this doesn’t mean that the rule cannot be changed. Perhaps a review should happen for next year’s new set of candidates. Changing the Miss France organization’s rules is not as easy as ‘Emily in Paris’ convincing French people to change their ways of communicating and speak only English to her. Changing rules and regulations is much trickier than just signing a piece of paper.

There are effective dates, sponsorship agreements and financial considerations to be factored in. Some brands sponsoring the pageant may not take too kindly towards nudity as it goes against their brand ethos (regardless whether the nudes are for a good cause or not). They might pull out their support to the pageant if they abruptly change their rules. There are other legalities that would be considered like will the new nudity rules be allow only those topless photos from this year, will the new rule be applicable to the regional pageants, are regional pageants allowed to refuse to obey such rules depending on the pulse of their constituent followers and sponsors, etc…

We believe so, yes. But only if it feels right for the organization. And if it wasn’t coerced or forced by the outside forces.

New and younger pageant fans have to understand this: PAGEANT ORGANIZATIONS ARE MOSTLY PRIVATE ENTITIES. And such they exercise certain autonomy with their own rules and regulations that even the government cannot dictate what they can or cannot do in how they manage their organization. Stop demanding them that its your way or the highway. Stop demanding them to change now and telling them how to run their organizations. Stop being naive to the realities that they too are bound by their commitments to their sponsors and benefactors. Pageant organizations have to survive and such they need support from brands, sponsors and advertisers.

Understand that an open dialogue is a much better way of doing things. Small incremental improvements are far more effective than an overhaul of the entire organization. Just take into example the Miss America pageant, one of the oldest national pageants in existence. Their Miss America 2.0 overhaul was so rejected by its audience and sponsors that it basically considered six feet under.

This is the last of it that we talk about nudity in pageants. Because it’s their organizations, their finances in the line, their reputation at stake, then their own rules and regulations that others have to simply follow…

Source: ... NYhgWMQTqo

Do you think the anti-nude rule should be abolished at Miss France 2022 on it's 101st year or should they continue to implement it just to protect the brand?

Re: Will Miss France Org. abolish nude rule 101st Anniversar

PostPosted: Fri Dec 25, 2020 5:07 pm
by annyeong!~
Then they might as well allow pregnant women and abolish an age limit. Rules are rules, and they shouldnt have to fall under the pressures of todays society and expectation of women. Keep it the way it is. If its not broken, then don't fix it.

Re: Will Miss France Org. abolish nude rule 101st Anniversar

PostPosted: Mon Dec 28, 2020 12:44 am
Maybe they should also allow male contestants who want to identify themselves as "Miss" to join the pageant. I remember back when I was still watching Dawson's Creek, there was an episode where an organization allowed Pacey (role played by Joshua Jackson) to join a local pageant together with Joey (played by Katie Holmes) =;))

Re: Will Miss France Org. abolish nude rule 101st Anniversar

PostPosted: Mon Dec 28, 2020 1:52 am
by ajsy0203
Here are the "liberally minded" pageant pages who think that "anti-nude rule" was "outdated":

Re: Will Miss France Org. abolish nude rule 101st Anniversar

PostPosted: Mon Dec 28, 2020 1:54 am
by ajsy0203
Here is the commentary from Nika of MUUpdates on IG:
2 days ago, on a Sunday night, the beautiful @AnastasiaSalviOff jumped and cried of joy as she was crowned the new #MissFrancheComte 2020 for #MissFrance 2021 (see slide 2 - swipe left) ! ⁣
Anastasia has been fighting for this dream, competing locally for over 5 years and her crowning reaction was just a proof of how long she has worked for this!⁣⁣
Little did she know that this morning, a random fan account who thought it was their place to, sent these two photos (shown on the first photo) to the regional organization.⁣⁣
The organization immediately dethroned Anastasia for breaking the rule shown on slide 3 (swipe left). ⁣⁣
Anastasia explained that the photos were done for an international hairstyle competition in 2017 and they were in no way pornographic or sexual, they were artistic (see her explanation on slide 4 - swipe left).⁣⁣
If you remember, about about a month or two ago, a contestant, a fan favorite for Miss Guadeloupe @AnaelleGuimbi_Off, was disqualified hours before the regional pageant for doing a bodypainting shoot for a breast cancer awareness campaign (see slide 5 - swipe left). ⁣⁣
@MissFranceOff & @SylvieTellier & @comite_miss_franchecomte_off - DO YOU LIVE IN THE 50s?!! WHEN DO YOU PLAN ON CHANGING THE WAY WOMEN ARE PORTRAYED AND VIEWED AS?!!!? DO YOU EVEN KNOW WE ARE IN 2020?!! ⁣⁣
I cannot believe any of this, I have been so so mad entire day today, fighting the fan account (I won’t name them now) who did this to Anastasia.⁣⁣
But we have to unite for Miss France to change these stupid rules!! This is insane!! Unbelievable!! Let’s pressure the organization to change these rules!! #JusticeForAnastasia #JusticeForAnaelle and Justice for all the amazing women who will come after them!!! ⁣⁣


Re: Will Miss France Org. abolish nude rule 101st Anniversar

PostPosted: Tue Dec 29, 2020 6:28 pm
by Thomas876
As a French person, I don't think that the Miss France Organization should abolish this rule but that Sylvie should be more flexible in the application of this rule. You have to understand that Miss France has always wanted to be an example for little girls and for little boys and still is today and I think it is therefore very good to have this rule which puts forward the no need to get naked to be beautiful. Mister France also has the same rule in its regulation and I find it really good to keep a little privacy for yourself, no need to show your genitals to everyone. On the other hand, I find that many French beauty queens have been disqualified for nothing at the regional or local/departmental level because of naked photos when nothing was seen. If private parts are hidden, I don't think it's correct to disqualify young women just as a matter of principle. Sylvie (Tellier) should really judge on a case-by-case basis. :)>- It's my opinion! :)

Re: Will Miss France Org. abolish nude rule 101st Anniversar

PostPosted: Thu Dec 31, 2020 7:14 pm
by Queen of the Clouds
I personally think rules like this are ridiculous, but I can at least understand if they don't want a titleholder who's essentially done porn. But these girls are NOT doing that. The Guadeloupean girl was literally participating in a breast cancer awareness campaign, it was disgusting that they disqualified her over that. Anastasia Salvi was participating in artistic photoshoots and they didn't even show either of the girls' nipples. I don't understand how these rules are being applied honestly. What is the difference between what Anaëlle and Anastasia did and wearing a revealing bikini?